Become a member

You will make a huge difference just by becoming a member! With your membership you will take a stand against human trafficking; prositution, pornography and labour exploitation in Norway and in the world. The membership fee is 50 NOK if you are under 26 and 100 NOK if you are older than 26. The funds will go directly to Freethems preventative work. Thank you for joining us!

You can become a member in one of two ways:

1. SMS "freethemUng" or "freethem" to 2380
The price is 50 NOK or 100 NOK per year.

2. Pay the membership fee of 50 NOK or 100 NOK to the account number 9365.22.17468
Mark the payment with "medlem", your full name and date of birth, and fill out this form.

What will the funds be used for?
The funds we receive will go directly to the organization and will be distributed depending on the need. With your support we can start more projects, visit more schools and inspire more people to join in preventing human trafficking. With your support we can simply do more!

Do you have any questions? Send an email to