Get involved in Freethem

Do you want to get involved in Freethems work? Join us in finding creative ways for Norway to learn more about human trafficking. Together we will reduce the demand for prostitution, pornography and labour exploitation

Become a member

You will make a huge difference just by becoming a member! With your membership you will take a stand against human trafficking; prositution, pornography and labour exploitation in Norway and in the world. 
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Inviter Freethem

Giving lectures are one of our main priority areas. It is an exciting and effective way of conveying information and a great opportunity to talk about the issues we are working with. 
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Join a team

Join a team that together with others take responsibility for their town or city.
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Support us financially

You can support us with a one time donation, or a monthly donation.
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Creative projects

A creative project which concerns the issues that we work with can be big or small. Our main goal is to inform Norway about the issues we work with. Here are some examples of some of the creative projects we have worked with.
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Start a new team

Is there no Freethem team in your town? Why don't you start your own team?
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Do you have an idea of how want you want to help Freethem or how we can help you? Do you want to cooperate with us? Don't hesitate to contact us!
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School work

Are you doing school work that is relevant to what Freethem are doing?
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Your involvement is important!

We are greatly appreciative for all the fantastic people who wants to join Freethem or help us in the work we do. We are always looking for new volunteers, partners and local heroes.

We want to talk to you and cooperate no matter if you are private citizen, from a business or an organization. We believe in cooperation through common goals of a change. No matter what your ideas are, we want to hear it!

Send us an email with your thoughts, or tell us what you want to know more about. We would love to meet you for a conversation and a cup of coffee.