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What is Freethem?
Freethem is an international ideal organization. We want to reduce the demand for prostitution, pornography and labour exploitation through preventative work. Freethem exists in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria and is religious and politically neutral. Freethem in Norway is newly established and will focus on awareness in Norway. Freethem wants Norway to know what human trafficking is.

How was Freethem established?
Freethem was established in 2008 in Sweden by Maria Ahlin. Since then the organization has spread to other countries, amongst them Norway.

Why was Freethem started?
We saw a need to inform the norwegian population and especially the norwegian youth about trade with humans. By creating awareness, we hope to provide a positive change and a reduction in the demand for human trafficking.

What is Freethems goal?
We want to create awareness and a change in attitude in our own country with a focus on youth. We want norwegians to take respectful choices that reflects a recognition of peoples basic freedom and dignity. We believe that this can reduce the demand for prostitution, labour exploitation and pornography in Norway and in the world.

Who runs Freethem?
Freethem is run by young people and is politically and religious independent. Freethem is a movement with a low structure who acknowledge the value of the different roles in the organizations. We consists of a board, volunteers and local Freethem teams.

How do I contact Freethem?
The easiest way to contact Freethem is to send an email to

What does Freethem do?
Freethem informs Norway about human trafficking! We inform our surroundings about human trafficking, prostitution, pornography and labour exploitation through lectures and local Freethem teams. We give people the platform they need to use their passion.

Why should I become a member?
With your membership you will take a stand against a world and a Norway with the demand for human trafficking

What does it entail to join a Freethem team?
It should be simple and fun to join a Freethem team! That's why we help you with everything. The idea behind being in a team is that you use your creative abilities to tell your surroundings about the issues Freethem works with. That way you're contributing to reduce the demand for human trafficking in the long run. You should be at least three people to run a team. 

Does it cost anything/entail any costs to start a freethem team?
It doesn't cost anything. To start a Freethem team is completely free of charge and Freethem will give you the help and support you need.

How is Freethem financed?
Freethem Norway is financed through gifts and membership fees.