Start a team

It should be easy to get involved! It should be easy to make a difference amongst friends, at school, at your university, place of work and in your home town. We will provide you with the tools and a platform so that your ideas can be expressed. That is why Freethem exist. That is why the Freethem teams exist.

A team consists of you and at least two friends. Together you will inform your home town, in your own way, about prostitution, labour exploitation and pornography. By doing this you are involved in preventing sex purchases and the demand for unethical products and services. When the teams are up and running, others who are concerned with questions surrounding human trafficking can also join.

You are working in teams on a volunteer basis and in your own free time, which means that you are building your own team in your own pace. Freethem will help you with all the practical work and our team managers will help you plan your work and give you support along the way.

Examples of what the Freethem-teams does:

  • Events
  • Lectures
  • Stands and spreading information
  • Team meetings
  • Creative projects
  • Collections and flea markets
  • Filmproduction and social media
  • Movie nights
  • Campaigns

I want to start a team.

Before you fill out the form, check if Freethem already exists in your city. We are here: Stavanger, Oslo, Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg, Haugesund/Tysvær og Bømlo. Check if you are already a member of Freethem. You can do this here.