We want to give you the platform you need so that you can use your passion against human trafficking.

Our overall objective is to work preventative to create awareness and by doing this, reduce the demand for prostitution, pornography and labour exploitation.


Our Freethem-teams is our biggest contributors. The teams consists of passionate people who all have a common wish to abolish human trafficking and who want to make an effort to prevent human trafficking. A team consists of young heroes who takes responsibility for their community, and spreads knownledge about and prevents human trafficking through their creative work. 



Freethem wants to share our knowledge and experience through awareness, both to big and small gatherings. We are a group of people with broad competence who create courses and lectures about the issues we are working with. We would be happy to contribute at your event, your school, place of work or amongst your friends. The options are endless!


We host creative events with a focus on the issues regarding human trafficking. Everyone is welcome to join events organized by Freethem. You are also welcome to invite us to have an event at your location.


A creative project which concerns the issues that we work with can be big or small. Our main goal is to inform Norway about the issues we work with. Here are some examples of some of the creative projects we have worked with.

  Flee-market with profits to Freethem

Flee-market with profits to Freethem


Freethem believes in networking and cooperation. We believe that our work will become better and more powerful when we can inspire each other and work together. Read more about how we can cooperate with you, your organization, your school or business.
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